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Technical assitance and interior design projects

Are you planning to buy a house or a flat in Barcelona? Would you feel more confident if you received advice from an expert? Do you need some legal advice throughout the sale-purchase process? Do you have any doubts regarding the documents and other proceedings to be filed before the town council administration? Would you like to know about the optimal space layout options for your house?

All the above are only some of the doubts that may arise when purchasing a house or a flat in a city if you are not acquainted with the legal and administrative regulations in force.

Since we are aware of such difficulties, we offer you a service to assist you with all the administrative and legal proceedings involved in the sale-purchase such as document filing before the municipal authority and we also clarify your doubts regarding decoration, architecture and housing remodelling.

Torres Estudio · Arquitectura Interior we offer you the possibility of relying on a professional who will help you with the management and, therefore, contribute to significantly reduce money and time wasting.

We want to be your favourite partner in Barcelona, so purchasing a property may be lived as an enjoyable experience

Technical support and interior design projects in Barcelona


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Reforma integral vivienda
Reforma integral vivienda
Reforma integral vivienda