Torres Estudio, technical consultancy and interior decoration

A complete range of services in technical consultancy and interior decoration

At Torres Estudio · Arquitectura Interior we offer comprehensive technical and creative services belonging to the fields of remodelling, restoration and interior designing.

  • Restoring and remodelling projects.

  • Distribution projects.

  • Technical assistance.

  • Corporate architecture.

  • Contract projects.

From our studio we develop projects of interior design, refurbishment, decoration and layout addressed to local premises, housing and business offices. Our services also include works execution and site management and technical advice, as well as the development of contract projects, corporate architecture projects, stand design and corporate image.

Our design is customised and adapts to the needs of each client. Thanks to constant and accurate monitoring we can grant that the works will be executed always in compliance with budget estimates and deadlines fixed. Thanks to our commitment we can grant the success of the projects we develop.

services in technical and design consultancy, restoration and interior decoration


Interior design services

Torres Estudio Arquitectura Interior. Interior design studio in Barcelona

Interior design

We define all the details concerning the project, including the provision of all the technical information as required and the installation drawings so the project can be executed.

Torres Estudio Arquitectura Interior. Restoring and remodelling projects

Restoring and remodelling projects

We take care of the whole process, from the drafting the project, studying the site and obtaining the permits to the execution and monitoring of the works.

Torres Estudio Arquitectura Interior. distribution projects

Distribution projects

We develop a wide range of options for the layout design and optimisation of space, in order to find the option that best meets our client's requirements.

Torres Estudio Arquitectura Interior. Technical assistance

Technical assistance

At Torres Estudio Arquitectura Interior you'll receive the technical advice you need so purchasing and restoring a property are not lived as a stressful experience.

Torres Estudio Arquitectura Interior. Corporative architecture

Corporate architecture

Integrated management of corporate projects, including from technical assistance in the search for a good location until the creation and design of spaces, on site management, licenses and permits.

Torres Estudio Arquitectura Interior. Contract projects

Contract projects

We develop the most innovating projects in the field of restoration and decoration that business and commercial offices adjust to their object.


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